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HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Can anyone else hardly believe the holiday season is upon us?! Seems like this year has completely flown by.

So how many of you guys plan on doing a little Black Friday shopping? I don’t know about you, but while I used to drag myself up at 3am to get going years back, I just don’t have the energy for that anymore. Probably has something to do with having a toddler and being pregnant 😉 but also, the holiday crowds have gotten really overwhelming for me. Thank God for online shopping!

It’s funny how, since becoming a mom, I’ve become a lot more conscious of the products I buy. A general rule I live by now: I only buy things I really love, and I try to get rid of something for every new product that comes in. Basically, I don’t buy things just because they’re cheap or on sale unless I really, really want them. I want to be surrounded by beautiful things that inspire, uplift, and last.

Maybe you know another mom like this? The kind that maybe looks to be high maintenance, but really just ascribes to the same idea of being surrounded by lovely, stylish things that bring her joy to use. So if you’re wondering what on earth to gift someone like that, you’re in luck!

Here are 13 holiday gifts the stylish mama in your life is sure to love:

1. BOW SCARF: How cute are these little bows on this pink scarf? It’s a nice change from the traditional scarf, but if she likes a more subdued palette, then black is always an option.
2. BOW MITTENS: OK, so technically this could be a set and part of #1, depending on how much you want to spend. But seriously, if she’s not a fan of the basic cotton gloves at your local grocery store, she’ll be sure to love these bowed fingerless gloves by Kate Spade.
3. MONTHLY PLANNER: Every mom’s best friend. Why not get her one that stands out and will make her excited to use it?
4. BOOTIES: I don’t think it’s possible to have too many booties, is it? Either way, you just can’t go wrong with a pair of black booties. Bonus points if they’re WAY more comfortable than they look, like these. You can actually see me wearing them in this post!
5. LUXURY DIAPER BAG BACKPACK: Nothing makes a stylish mom cringe like having to lug around a sad looking diaper bag. And truly, backpack style is the way to go, especially for those of us that like to babywear.
6. WATCH: But not just any watch; Daniel Wellington makes some of the most lovely, classic designs around. Get her one she’ll enjoy looking at and be able to wear with any outfit.
7. VANITY TRAY: Because a pretty tray to store trinkets or makeup makes even the messiest of dressers look better.
8. GLITTERY MANICURE KIT: Moms are always breaking nails or chipping polish on the go, and it’s usually too much of a hassle to get them fixed right away. This manicure kit is a pretty upgrade from the basic manicure kit and will make her happy to use it.
9. MONOGRAMMED WINE GLASSES: Moms and wine will always go together, so get her a monogrammed set she can call her own.
10. OLD SCHOOL SNEAKERS: Sometimes it’s nice to have a pair of sneakers that liven up your wardrobe, especially when they’re part of your daily momiform. This girly Peanuts design by Vans will definitely make her feel a bit more put together when running errands and chasing toddlers around.
11. SILK PILLOWCASE + EYE MASK: A limited edition set that should be in every mom’s possession. Those precious moments of sleep at the end of the day will be even more welcomed and refreshing with a luxurious silk pillowcase and matching eye mask.
12. PLUSH SOCKS: I don’t think anyone can go wrong with cute, fuzzy, and soft socks. Plus, they’re under $20.
13. FANCY CANDLE: To go along with those baths she can never get enough of. And because candles that smell good AND are pretty to look at are always a hit.

And there you have it! What do you think of this holiday gift guide?
If you’re a stylish mom, is there anything else you would add?


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  1. I love this guide babe! I try to be the same and buy pieces that I know I’ll love and that I can use over again. I love that watch, and the scarf and gloves are so sweet!
    My eye is in the backpack – even with Harper turning 3 I would love to be hands free when we are out around town!! ❤️️❤️️

  2. I actually have that nail kit (or similar) and I love it- so convenient for on the road fixes! So many great things on this list. Love the bow gloves too. <3 Jamie

  3. Now a monogrammed wine glass is definitely something I can get on board with! Also a scented candle to go along makes for the perfect evening! Great ideas… I now know what to ask for from the other half.

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