THACKER: Silk Coat + Denim Leggings + Leather Clutch

First, I want to wish you all a happy post-Easter week!

As much as I love holidays, the chaos surrounding all the festivities can be a bit overwhelming, so it’s nice to get back into the groove of things afterwards. I personally spent the day at the Emergency Room (more on that later) and have been in recovery mode ever since. I don’t think I fully understood the meaning of being miserable until I got sick on Easter and had TWO kiddos to tend to. Oy! Thank God for amazing husbands that step up to the plate when necessary. Quality guy right there!

So remember last week when I talked about all the amazing quality pieces THACKER sent me? This is Look TWO of Three: the coat, denim leggings, and clutch are all Thacker.

Here I’m wearing their Koh Silk Flyaway Coat in Black and a size Small. It’s so soft, lightweight and perfect for spring! It has a gorgeous sheen in the sun and I love that there are a couple pockets too. This piece does have a lot of drape and flow to an already relaxed fit, so I would actually suggest sizing down.

The Indra denim leggings (also seen here) have pretty much become a staple in my closet at this point. I love that they’re leggings but they’re DENIM so therefore I can wear them everyday, indefinitely, without being dubbed a leggings-as-pants-mom haha. These do run small so absolutely size up when ordering. My favorite clothing item from them so far, and the quality is evident!

Finally, take a look at this gorgeous Thacker clutch. How stunning is it?! I have been on the hunt for a new clutch for awhile, and this one takes the cake. Everything from the shape to the fabric is perfection. You just can’t go wrong with a grey + rose gold combo and 100% authentic Italian Leather! Honestly, Thacker has the most amazing, high quality handbag designs I’ve seen in a LONG time. Do yourself a favor and go grab one <3



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9 comments on “THACKER: Silk Coat + Denim Leggings + Leather Clutch

  1. Girl you are looking hot! I can’t pick my favorite thing about this look because I absolutely love them all!!! Gorgeous ❤️❤️❤️ <3 jamie

  2. I love these super adorable outfits so much!!! They are beautiful yet look very comfortable too! My fave is that cute yellow top!

  3. I never ever thought this is a denim leggings! Looks so good! And I can feel the soft material of this coat, it’s so fluttering. Totally love these cuts for spring and summer.

    Xo, Sara

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