Fridays Are For Mauve: Off the Shoulder Oversized Sweaters

Happy Friday, friends! I don’t know about you guys, but this has been a loooooooong week for me. Between my toddler refusing sleep, keeping up with the house, getting ready for baby no.2, plus my two side hustles… oh, and throw in being a wife and mom… I’m feeling stretched pretty thin. It seems that every time I try to take a moment for self care, something else shows up- usually in the form of a toddler and/or husband. Ha! Story of every mom’s life, am I right?

Weekend Sale Finds: Shimmery Sweaters + Suede Booties

Happy hump day! I hope you all (or rather your wallets haha) survived the craziness of Cyber Monday. I was able to score a few good deals- namely lots of shoes and a certain instant pot that I’m entirely too excited about- before I realized that I’m 34 weeks pregnant and haven’t gotten a car seat for my baby yet.

I should probably stop buying myself things and get on that, right?!

Utility Vests

Utility vests definitely aren’t a thing of the past. Military-inspired pieces have been trending for several years now, and despite our recent return to medieval fashion inspiration, this season is no exception. I don’t know about you, but these wearable vests are some of my favorites!

Fall into Plaid

Happy hump day, friends! It’s feeling more and more like fall here, which means I’ve busted out my cold weather wardrobe. There are so many fun layering pieces to choose from each fall season, but plaid is probably my favorite. It’s one of those trends you know will stick around year after year, therefore you don’t feel bad on stocking up on multiple styles (maybe that’s just me?).


Thoughts on Life + A Fall Fashion Look

Confession; when I took these photos, it was actually 91 degrees F outside. At the time, I remember thinking to myself how badly I wanted fall weather already so I could get cozy and do all the basic things with my little family. Here in the PNW, that means crisp, clean air, gorgeous assorted color leaves floating around, the sun peaking through the clouds, and most of the time, a lot of rain mixed in. Add all things pumpkin and holiday-inspired and you’ve practically got a Hallmark movie in the works.