Machine Washable Rugs: Kid-Friendly Nursery Decor

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I never really understood the power of convenience until I became a mom. Let’s be honest; until you’ve got a nursing newborn and/or messy toddler on your hands, you don’t bat an eye before purchasing that sheer white blouse.

I won’t lie that I have semi-expensive taste buds. I enjoy the finer things in life. And although my inner fashionista dies a little inside each time I’m forced to choose form over function, I’ve learned that having kids practically guarantees that things are bound to break, spill, stain, and possibly end up ingested.

So when I come across products that are both aesthetically pleasing and mom-friendly, I feel like shouting it from the rooftops. Seriously. Enter Lorena Canals Rugs: when they initially reached out about sending me one of their machine washable rugs, I hesitated; was this another one of those “kid-friendly” brands that left my eyes begging for non-primary colors? I’m the mom that’s been known to toss her toddler’s toys because she can’t stand her living room looking like a circus.


Well, suffice it to say that I was more than pleasantly surprised. First, let me mention that these rugs have been featured in well known publications such as Vogue and People. The company has actually been around for 25 years, with design happening in Spain. They’re made of completely natural dyes, handmade in India and contain no icky VOCs. To top it off, a portion of proceed support the Sakula project, which provides schooling for children in India. AND they come in tons of gorgeous, neutral designs (as well as colorful- if that’s your thing). Cool, right?

Honestly though, Lorena Canals Rugs‘ greatest selling feature is that all of their products are 100% machine washable. Yep, you read that correctly- so no worries about messy toddler hands or newborn spit up staining anything. Just stick your rug into your standard washing machine and go! This feature alone immediately sold me. Having tested it out for myself, I can assure you these rugs are absolutely worth it. Whether you’re planning to use them in the nursery or grab one from their home collection for the office, these machine washable rugs are lifesavers. The only thing I’d recommend is grabbing a rug pad since the rugs tend to slide around on hard surfaces like hardwood. And if you’re not a rug person, you can always grab one of their amazingly soft blankets as seen in the photo of my newborn above.

Have you purchased any Lorena Canals Rugs? What are your thoughts?






16 comments on “Machine Washable Rugs: Kid-Friendly Nursery Decor

  1. That is awesome! We have been renovating our house and haven’t ripped out old rugs because we knew the kids would basically destroy them! It is nice to know there are some washable options out there. It is nice to have some products out there you can really enjoy without constantly stressing that they are going to get ruined.

  2. Woah absolutely love these rugs!!! I have heard of the company before and I think it’s so amazing that they’re washable! This is next on my wish list for my babe’s room:)

  3. Washable AND attractive – this hits the nail on the head. Now if only “affordable” were also a factor! I’ll admire yours from afar. =)

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