Fridays Are For Mauve: Off the Shoulder Oversized Sweaters

Happy Friday, friends! I don’t know about you guys, but this has been a loooooooong week for me. Between my toddler refusing sleep, keeping up with the house, getting ready for baby no.2, plus my two side hustles… oh, and throw in being a wife and mom… I’m feeling stretched pretty thin. It seems that every time I try to take a moment for self care, something else shows up- usually in the form of a toddler and/or husband. Ha! Story of every mom’s life, am I right?

Anyway, today’s look is brought to you by my love for oversized sweaters. Not that me being super pregnant has anything to do with that…. 😉 But seriously, these cozy knits can be worn by anyone, baby bump or not. I’d recommend stocking a few different styles in your closet to reuse next year because this trend isn’t going away anytime soon!



I purchased this particular sweater on sale from Vici Collection, but it’s no longer available. However, I was able to find a pretty good dupe that I’ve linked for you guys! It’s seriously one of the coziest pieces I own, not to mention mauve is one of the hottest colors this winter. And despite rolling off the shoulders, it’s actually quite warm and soft, so you don’t have to layer 1000 pieces underneath that you’ll only sweat in indoors. If you haven’t yet added oversized sweaters to your winter wardrobe, do it now!

But I know what you’re thinking; let’s talk about those shoes and the fact that I’m wearing them at 36 weeks pregnant. You know what’s funny? They’re actually quite comfortable for being a stiletto, but shoes have never really bothered me during pregnancy as much as uncomfortable pants. Plus, when I saw the little lace up detailing on the back, I was sold. I’ve been in the market for a new pair of unique pumps for awhile and these did not disappoint!

Oh, and before I sign off.. I wanted to ask what you guys thought of me doing some more personal posts on here, specifically relating to mom life. With this next babe coming along, I’ve had a lot of different thoughts and ideas cross my mind that I’m sure many other moms (fashionable and not) could relate to.

Would that be something of interest? I’d love to know!



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24 comments on “Fridays Are For Mauve: Off the Shoulder Oversized Sweaters

  1. Your oversized sweater is beautiful and looks great on you. I love the off the shoulder detail and the color itself cannot be beat! Things are pretty crazy on my end too. I feel you on the relaxing part and next thing I know it’s little one’s face or hubby trying to get my attention!! I’ll have to wear my oversized sunglasses at home and pretend I don’t see them! Lol Okay maybe that wouldn’t work. Have a great weekend and I vote yes to blogging about your journey with baby no 2.

  2. LOVE this sweater and your lipstick! Such pretty colors! I think personal posts are a great idea but that could be because our lives are pretty similar right now with toddlers and expecting a second 🙂 I’m always interested in what other Mamas are doing/feeling.

  3. This time of year, oversized sweaters are awesome! You look great by the way, and I think some personal stories and mom life would make a great addition to your blog.

  4. From the first image, I didn’t even know you were pregnant – then, poof – profile bump! So cute! Seriously, though, you are one gorgeous mamma! And this looks like the perfect versatile top to wear during and post pregnancy! I love the off the shoulder style so much!

  5. Loving that sweater… in fact your whole outfit! That sweater looks so cozy for the cooler temps, an item you need in your wardrobe for sure!! I am also obsessing over your makeup look, so festive and fun 😉 Thabk you for linking up with Weekend Wear


  6. I feel like I could have written that first paragraph myself. Sounds like my week (we’re 33 weeks pregnant so pretty close with our second and last week was definitely a “stretched thin in so many directions” week!) BUT, I LOVE that sweater!! It is perfect for this time of year and looks great on you!! Hopefully you have a restful weekend!! Best wishes to you for these next few weeks!!

  7. I love that sweater! I seriously just asked my Stitch Fix stylist to send me a long sweater that sits off the shoulders. I’m headed to Nordstrom to snag one now. Thanks again!

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