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*I received product compliments of Dockatot. All thoughts and opinions are my own.*

Oh, motherhood- where everything you swore you’d never do goes right out the window. I remember when I was pregnant with my first, I told everyone there was noooooo way I’d ever sleep in the same room as my kids. Nope, they were going straight into their cribs in their own rooms from day one!

Well, as you’ve probably guessed by now, things didn’t exactly pan out that way. I didn’t anticipate the anxiety that comes with first-time motherhood; the kind that left me “sleeping” with one eye open, watching baby’s little chest rising up and down. So in my room he stayed.

It didn’t help that my first was a very colicky baby. Combined with his high strung, type A temperament, along with my decision to exclusively breastfeed, I finally gave in and brought him to bed with me. And in our bed he continued to stay until age two.

Needless to say, while I appreciate the bedtime cuddles, I’m not a fan of getting kicked and punched in my sleep. What I’m also not a fan of is worrying that my baby is going to roll off the bed or the couch if I glance away for a moment. And since surrounding them with pillows and blankets isn’t an option, creating a safe and comfortable sleep environment is key.

Enter the Dockatot: a multifunctional lounger and co-sleeper. I’d heard amazing things about this product when pregnant with my first, but admittedly shied away from it due to price and because I wasn’t sure it would work for my babe. After countless mommy friends raving to me about it, and after using it with baby no. 2, I can honestly now say I wish I’d sucked it up and bought it from the get-go!

Here’s a little background on this amazing product that babies (and moms!) around the world LOVE. The Dockatot currently comes in two sizes: Deluxe + for ages 0-8 months, and Grand for 9-36 months. It’s made in Europe, designed in Sweden, and tested for breathability. It’s also OEKO-TEK certified and made of 100% cotton, making it the ideal micro-climate for kiddos. And when it comes time to transition to a toddler bed, you’ll be glad to have the Grand handy!

Ultimately, I’m declaring the Dockatot a baby gear essential. My newborn has been using it since the day we came home from the hospital, and his sleep quality is leaps and bounds beyond my firstborn’s. It’s also a breeze to transport around the house, which really comes in handy when you have other children to look after and need to simulate sleep schedules.

For more safe sleep tips, make sure to check out the Dockatot site.
And if you do decide to buy one, click here for $10 off your order!

Have any of you used a Dockatot? What was your experience like? Any baby sleep must haves?






15 comments on “DOCKATOT: Baby Sleep Magic

  1. I love the Dock-a-tot so much and so does my little (and his siblings for that matter). It’s super cozy and so convenient. Girl you and that baby are so ridiculously precious, I just want to eat you up!!!

  2. I have not used it. My son is now 14 and I don’t recall using anything like it back when he was little. Would have been nice.

  3. I wish I would’ve thought to get one of these when my daughter was born. If I have another baby I’m definitely getting one! I keep seeing them everywhere now and they look so convenient and comfy for baby.

  4. I LOVE the denim jacket look – you pull it off perfectly! Thank you for the tips on hair extension, I may be able to use them one day as I’ve never tried them. And your baby is ADORABLE and makes me miss my kids’ baby days 🙂

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