Currently Crushing: Embroidered Velvet Mules

You know you’re getting old when the hottest fashion trends were considered grandma status at some point during your lifetime. Okay, I know I’m not old old (although I do turn 30 next month…. yikes), but I honestly do feel this way every time a previously labeled fashion faux pas slides its way into the mainstream.

Like mules; let’s be honest, y’all. There was a day they were considered your grandma’s choice of shoe, and now they’re literally everywhere. Not only that, but they’re darn cute too! So many colors, textures, and styles to choose from. So when I came across this pair on a killer sales deal at Nordy’s, I honestly couldn’t help snatching them up. Sorry, husband…


But seriously, embroidered velvet mules; does it get any more winter 2017 than that? With textures dominating the current fashion season, I can’t say I’m surprised to see velvet make its way to footwear.

Honestly, I really thought I wouldn’t jump on the mules bandwagon. See, I’m 5/10″- which you probably can’t tell from my photos because although I am on the slim side, I do have curves and lack the “legs for days” so many girls my height have. My husband doesn’t complain, so I don’t either, haha.

That said, I usually stick to heels for an elongating look- which is even more necessary at 35 weeks pregnant- but it was love at first sight with these guys. How often do you come across a show-stopping shoe that doesn’t make you cringe a little bit inside, right? You guys know what I’m talking about… we all love Jeffrey Campbell, but sometimes you just wonder who the heck actually wears those studded, fur-trimmed 5 inch heels.

So what do you think of the mule trend? Would you rock a pair of these “grandma” style shoes? 😉


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30 comments on “Currently Crushing: Embroidered Velvet Mules

  1. I so love them dearly. But I just need to walk daily for hours and I guess this will not be the best option. But they are faboulous

  2. You are seriously the cutest pregnant lady ever! Love the mule trend. I don’t have a pair yet but I’m kind of dying for one (or 5!!). I love the sweater too and your hair <3 Jamie

    1. Yes, I just love how quickly things change in the fashion world. It truly is amazing. Thanks Amy Ann!

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