Cuddle+Kind: On a Mission to End Childhood Hunger

You know what I really love? Companies with a mission behind the brand- especially those that help children. Ever since becoming a mom, I pretty much cry anytime I read/see/hear about a baby suffering. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always hated the thought of any innocent child in distress, but once I had my own I couldn’t even entertain the thought without shedding a tear. 

I’d seen the adorable Cuddle+Kind dolls floating around social media when I was pregnant with my second son, and after reading more about the people behind the brand, I knew I had to partner with them. So I reached out and was ecstatic when they agreed to send both of my sons a doll.


Before we talk about the adorable dolls themselves, here’s a bit of background on the wonderful people behind the scenes. Jen and Derek Woodgate started the company after watching a documentary on childhood hunger around the world. As the parents of three little ones, they were crushed at the reality of the situation and wanted to do something about it. So they started Cuddle+Kind with the intention of making a difference in the lives of children around the world.

Here’s the coolest part: for every doll purchased, the company donates 10 meals to children in need. Yes, TEN meals per doll. Not only that, but since the dolls are crafted with high quality cotton by Peruvian women artisans, they’re also fair trade. How amazing is that?! Each doll is also available in two sizes: “little” and “regular,” making them perfect gifts for baby showers or toddler birthday parties.

So, after looking through their adorable design selection, I knew I had to have Hudson the Polar Bear. Here’s an interesting little fact: each doll comes with a birthday and a little intro about themselves. Hudson the Polar Bear’s birthday just so happens to be my two year old’s original due date, so when I saw that, I knew he was the one. And seeing as my newborn’s birthday is just a day after his older brother’s, it made sense to order them matching dolls in both sizes.

And guys, let me tell you, my toddler absolutely LOVES his doll. It’s seriously his favorite new toy and he carries it around everywhere. My newborn on the other hand- well, he’s still too young to have an opinion but he sure does look adorable next to his 😉

So if you’re looking for kids’ toy ideas, I strongly urge you to consider gifting a Cuddle+Kind doll. Rather than a mass produced, plastic toy from the store, how wonderful would it be to gift a child with a soft, cuddly doll that also provides another child with 10 meals? I honestly can’t think of anything better than contributing towards ending childhood hunger around the world.




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16 comments on “Cuddle+Kind: On a Mission to End Childhood Hunger

  1. I’ve never heard of these dolls. Very cute, not too fancy. I like it. You son seems to love his. It is awesome that they give back and provide meals to kids in need.

  2. What a great cause! I wish Inwould have known about these earlier in the year (so many babyshowers). Anyway, I will keep these in mind for sure because I think they’re cute & love the cause behind it!

  3. Supporting products like this is a good choice! Just like my choice of buying from small businesses, this one is recommended for a good cause too.

  4. He is so adorable! What a great idea. As I look to the future and having children, I appreciate knowing about these kinds of charities because that is what I want to be supporting.

  5. I absolutely love this company so much!! I’ve been following them for a little over a year or so and I really admire their mission. It’s about time I order a teddy for my little dude.

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